Minnesota Microblading Artist

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hair like strokes to fill in sparse or thinning eyebrows.

About Me

Jess Sparks


I started working in the beauty and cosmetic industry two years ago as a side business.  After separating from my corporate banking job I decided to follow my true passion for making women feel confident, beautiful and empowered. Microblading is just one way I have been able to fulfill my passion while also channeling my creativity! I am certified through Everlasting Brows and Licensed in the State of Minnesota. 

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Note: Rates are subject to change and are non-negotiable

After Care

1-10 days after

-Apply healing balm (grain of rice size) twice a day for the first 5 days. 

-Brows will be much darker days 2-5, this is normal.

-No direct contact with water other than the mild washing advised.

-No makeup or skin care applied directly on brows.
-Peeling will occur this is normal.

-Avoid touching brows.

-It will appear the strokes are gone, pigment begins to heal under the skin and will resurface.

-No itching or rubbing brows, if they itch slap em. 

11-28 days after

-Hair strokes will reappear
-You realize this is the best thing you have ever done!
-You can put makeup back on your brows if necessary
-Peeling and flaking is no longer occurring. 

29- 48 days after

-Brows will be fully healed by 6 weeks

-Brows would have faded 10-20% from initial session.
-You love your brows and look forward to your perfecting session.

During healing please avoid:
-Sun exposure, saunas, steam rooms, excessive sweating.

-No chemical peels or facials 

-No botox for 2 weeks before or after procedure